Creating Connection – What’s your favorite mug?

It seems almost universal that we all have a favorite mug in our cabinet. A quick and fun team-building opportunity is to have your team members share pictures of their favorite mugs and the story behind them. All good mugs have a story to tell! You could even pick a day coming up next week where everyone changes their picture to the picture of their mug.

Below are photos of some of my colleagues and friend’s mugs. Some of my best cups of coffee and tea have been shared with the people represented by the mugs below.

1 mug

If this mug had not put their yoga mat too close for my comfort we may have never met. They have become a very close friend to me. If you have not visited Opal Creek it is a spectacular place and they could certainly use support right now.

2 mug

This mug is a force! I met them when they spoke on a Leadership Panel, “Women and Bourbon.” Sponsored by our local restaurant industry. They are a leader through and through. A compassionate friend. They care about people and creating a community where everyone feels valued.

Mark Mug

This mug has a way of making everyone they are speaking to feel special, important, and worthwhile. We met celebrating the retirement of an area CEO who exemplified what great leadership is all about. Shortly after we began working together and more importantly became friends.

5 mug (2)

This mug is a survivor! Battled and won two rounds of cancer. A stand-up person and knows what it means to be a friend.

9 mug

I have known this mug since I was five years old, they are family. We have gotten into plenty of trouble over the years and have always had each other’s backs.

11 mug

Mom and Dad. I gave them these mugs as a gift a while ago and they still drink from them nearly every day. In perfect fashion when I am staying at the house I use Dad’s mug and he gets it back when I leave.

12 mug

My mug, this mug is from my friend I have known since I was five. It is sitting on my grandma’s table and in the background is one of my favorite lighthouses Owl’s Head in Maine.  Like many of you I have several favorite mugs but the one above was a gift during a particularly rough Christmas year.

Set your calendars to do this activity again with new team members, perhaps on International Coffee Day (September 29th) or International Tea Day (December 15th).

We will continue to post ideas on how to connect with your teams so stay tuned!

In the meantime, send us a picture of your favorite mug.

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One thought on “Creating Connection – What’s your favorite mug?

  1. Loved reading this Michelle, such a great way to connect with your network ! I’ll definitely attempt to share a similar post in the future.

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