Who Do You Want to Be? Writing a Letter to the Future You.

aaron-burden-123584-unsplashWhy write a letter to your future self? If you can’t visualize where you want to go at work and in your personal life it will be a real struggle to get there. I work with leaders on strategy and goal setting and yes often I have them write letters to themselves. Much has been published on the importance of getting yourself into a future state/growth mindset and goal setting. Key benefits include:

  • Self-mastery
  • Improved focus
  • Behavior alignment

Putting it in action, here’s your homework:

Write a letter to your future self (5 years from now for instance)


What are you proud of? What have you achieved?


What changes have you made?


What do you see ahead? What are you looking forward to?


What have you let go of?


What do you miss?


Priorities: (These are your true priorities, not things you feel or think should be priorities)


If you were leaving the company in 6 months what is your biggest priority?


If you were leaving the company in 5 years what are the priorities?


Looking back what will you most regret not working on that you are not working on now?


Imagine you are telling your life story to someone possibly a grandchild. What would you hope to tell them you accomplished? How did you respond to your greatest challenge?


Ok, you are done writing, congratulations. Are you ready to make it official? Deploy an accountability partner.

FutureMe™ has been sending letters to the future for nearly two decades. Posting a letter on future me is a great way to hold yourself accountable. We all need accountability partners. I have several! Now get out there and write your letter to your future self.

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