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Service Descriptions

Executive Coaching


The concept of coaching originated in sports. High performing athletes were identified early in their career and partnered with coaches to maximize their performance goals. This concept is increasingly being embraced by companies all over the world. High performing team members are identified early in order to maximize their potential leadership skills. Leaders who embrace coaching increase their self-awareness and ownership for their own responsibility to an organization. They are also more likely to bring a coaching mindset back to the organization and increase their own leadership agility.

You hear it again and again, “People quit their bosses, not their teams.” Trust, awareness, and communication are imperative to great Leadership. Partnering with an executive coach can help you gain new insights, real-time support, and feedback, achieve greater awareness and allow you to focus on the right things. Are you ready for Coaching? Factors that contribute to Successful Coaching include:

■ Active engagement
■ Change readiness
■ Clear goals
■ Communication skills
■ Emotional intelligence
■ Ambition
■ Trust in your Coach
■ Commitment to the organization
■ Courage

Agile Manager Development

Group of people on peak mountain

Up to 80% of exiting employees admit that they aren’t quitting their jobs, they’re quitting their bosses.  Leadership development takes guts and humility. Poor leadership impacts your people, your culture and your bottom line.

These trainings support companies in creating a consistent experience for their employees. Managers will learn important about essential leadership tools and skills in bite-size monthly workshops.

■ Activity Analysis: 80/20 rule
■ Communication Workshop
■ Conflict Management
■ Leadership Self-Assessment
■ Productive Meetings Overview
■ Team Agreements Overview
■ Team Assessments Overview
■ Team Member Communication Plan, Feedback and Recognition

Strategic Planning & Business Coaching


Going beyond creativity is creating a culture of innovation. Innovative companies have the structure and processes in place to move beyond ideation to execution. Innovative cultures have a track record of successfully bringing ideas to the marketplace.


We have demonstrated and extensive achievements in helping organizations reach their growth goals in a healthy and sustainable way. Set your Organization up for success by staying focused on strategic priorities, collecting appropriate data, defining goals and hosting brainstorming sessions that will set up your next Strategic Planning session for success. Participants will leave energized and approach the road ahead with enthusiasm not dread.

Equity & Inclusion Services

Organizations that partner with us for their Equity and Inclusion initiatives can trust that they are supported by a well-researched methodology. This process typically includes:

Group trainings
With increasing globalization, many leaders are seeking support for the development of higher-level leadership skills including navigating conflict effectively and managing diverse teams. Trainings support global leadership skill development in the following areas:

  1. Conflict management
  2. Navigating crucial and difficult conversations at work
  3. Listening skills
  4. Basics of communication
  5. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) competency
  6. Neuroscience of decision making
  7. Importance of diversity of thought
  8. Strategic value of diversity
  9. Perspective-taking
  10. Common unconscious biases in the workplace
  11. Self-awareness
  12. Social and emotional intelligence
  13. Getting the most from diverse teams

Equity and Inclusion Self-Assessment Survey

Completed by the executive team, covers eight key organizational areas that are impacted by a comprehensive DEI initiative.

DEI Vision, Mission, Values, and Equity Statement

Workshops with key team members as well as values, guiding principles, and behaviors survey will be used to assist in the creation of these deliverables.

Establishing Benchmarks

A benchmarking assessment tool will be used to review up to 14 functional areas. This tool is used to aid in the development of world-class DEI initiatives based on industry best practices.  This is best used at organizations making a long-term commitment to this work.

Strategic Plan Development

Workshops will be conducted leveraging data from surveys and assessments to:

  • Develop strategies and determine priorities
  • Review organizational capacity and culture
  • Develop a clear purpose
  • Create a culture of accountability – Scorecards, check-ins

Strategic Plan Execution

  • KPI’s and Scorecard (Objectives and Measures)
  • Communication Plan
  • Action Plans
  • Timeline and Milestones

Communication Training


“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” Winston Churchill

Communication training is imperative. Your team will learn how assumptions, hidden biases, body language, cultural differences, and daily habits influence communication and decision making.    Healthy conflict is part of any company that is growing and innovating. With self-awareness and the right tools, you can learn to manage communication like a pro. Why are communication skills important? Poor communication quickly turns into a conflict and the typical…

■ Manager reports spending 10% – 40% of their time responding to employee conflict

■ Employee reports spending 2.8 hrs per week dealing with conflict in the workplace

■ Workplace reports that conflict is a decisive factor in more than 50% of employee departures and over 90% of cause-related terminations

Leadership Toolkit

This suite which includes the 360 assessment, MBTI®, TKI®, and FIRO® together gives a clear picture of a leader’s preferences, interpersonal needs, conflict style as well as underlying patterns and themes from feedback that emerges as part of a 360 feedback assessment.


360° Assessments


Several approaches to 360 programs are considered. We also partner with the Center for Creative Leadership, an organization viewed as the gold standard for 360° assessments. These tools are used to help advance team members to the next level. Benefits of a 360° assessment include:

  1. Identifying skill gaps in order to create a development plan
  2. Preparation for new opportunities
  3. Identify strengths and how to leverage them
  4. Increases self-awareness
  5. Clarifies behaviors
  6. Measures “how” things get done as opposed to “what” get’s done.
  7. Promotes dialogue
  8. Improves working relationships
  9. Encourages personal development
  10. Increases accountability
  11. Enhances performance

Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) Assessments


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment helps identify your natural preferences in four areas of personality. 90% of MBTI users report improved communication with co-workers. The assessment is one of the world’s most popular personality tools—because it works. Used by more than 88 percent of Fortune 500 companies. With more than 70 years of science-based, research-based insight, the MBTI assessment is a robust tool for self-awareness and improvement.

This assessment tool is used for Employee Development, Management & Leadership Training and Team Building.

Thomas Kilmann conflict mode Instrument (TKI®) Assessments


The Thomas Kilmann conflict mode Instrument (TKI® ) is the world’s best-selling conflict management tool. The instrument helps people understand how using different conflict management styles affects interpersonal and group dynamics, empowering them to choose the best approach for any situation.

FIRO® Assessment


The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation™ (FIRO®) assessments help people understand their interpersonal needs and how those needs influence their communication style and behavior. These accessible and universally applicable personality assessments have helped individuals, teams, and organizations around the world grow and succeed.

Team Building, Coaching and Mentoring

Silhouette of happy business team making high hands in sunset sky background for business teamwork concept

Successful teams are also the backbone of achieving Organizational Excellence. Teamwork can be one of the most rewarding experiences of the workplace but can bring challenges. With the right strategy and tools, your team can get back on track, stay on track and look forward to many projects to come.

Are your team members dreading meetings? Their next project? Does working in teams feel like work? We are here to help your teams look forward to their next project. Helping teams work together while having fun is what team building is all about. Teams that are built on a foundation of trust and self-awareness are more engaged and productive.

Sample Team Building Workshop:

■ What to Consider When Building a Team

■ Productive Meetings

■ Meeting Facilitation Overview

■ Communication

■ Inclusion

■ Team Contract

■ Team Values

■ Guidelines

■ Team Assessment

Workshop Facilitation

Get the most out of your next workshop. Stay focused, on track and have fun. Workshops can be fun and rewarding but without successful planning can be costly and lower morale through lost time and confusion on expectations. We are here to provide you the support you need to set up the right structure and expected outcome before the workshop begins.

Process Optimization

Get the most out of your operations by evaluating your current process design. Through observation, interviews, and workshops you will gain productivity by strategically evaluating what steps are redundant, causing confusion, and creating more work for end-users.

Current State – Future State Process Re-Design Assessments

From years of helping teams through process re-design, I understand not everyone embraces change. We can help you stay focused and optimistic with workshops that have teams engaged and energized. I have seen the biggest skeptics go from coming to meetings late to showing up early excited about helping their organization prepare for the future. Change is not easy but tested solutions can minimize the burden to team members.

Program Management

Programs are like start-up Organizations. They need to be nurtured and supported to be successful. With the appropriate structure in place, team members can rely on a supportive foundation that allows the opportunity to innovate and fail in order to achieve the optimal outcome.  It is not just millions of dollars on the line it is sometimes the difference between gaining the edge on your competition or downsizing. Buzzwords, acronyms, and checkmarks won’t matter without structure, trust and the flexibility to not just get the job done but get it done right with employee morale intact.