Leave the campsite better than you found it.

What holds true for nature holds true for our workplaces.

Our clients make leadership development a priority and focus on creating environments that outshine their competition.

We work with Organizations that:

  1. Worry when things get too serious. Humor is a vital part of each day.
  2. Understand that speaking up is brave and support employee engagement by providing multiple opportunities and channels for employee voice.
  3. Are empathetic. They have a deep understanding that when you are unwilling to lean into discomfort you leave others silenced.
  4. Listen. They not only believe leaders should eat last they believe leaders should talk last. They provide space to listen to their team members and support their customers and community. They know that stories that are hard to hear were even harder to live.
  5. Are experts at bringing ideas to market. They have guardrails and structure in place to support a culture of innovation and continuous execution.
  6. Live the future they plan.
  7. Understand that succeeding is messy. They are willing to fail and support failure.
  8. Support each team member but not every behavior.
  9. Measure team development and performance. Prioritize effectiveness over efficiency.
  10. Don’t give up. Goals are not aspirational. Perseverance is fueled by the common understanding of, “We are not there yet, but we will get there!”


Principal & Founder

Michele CSC

Michele Leedom


Michele’s career began in the healthcare industry where she held several financial leadership roles. Population health has been an important driver in her work. As she navigated through different organizations, she quickly realized workplace environments were too often a source of illness for many and designed with only a few in mind. She felt it was important to spend her time working with organizations that are willing to challenge systems and structures that do not work for everyone and actively work on creating an environment where our diverse population can succeed.

Michele is passionate about connecting people, developing business strategies and leading people and organizations through change. Her passion for population health, behavioral economics, neuroscience, and organizational behavior led her to founding Clinton Street Consulting, a coaching and consultancy practice that focuses on leadership and organizational agility. She enjoys partnering with organizations to assist in their strategic planning, team building, and executive coaching. With intellectual curiosity, humor and deep empathy, Michele nurtures, inspires, and empowers teams to rethink the way they do things so they can fulfill their greatest potential.

Michele lives in Portland and loves hiking in Hood River, running away to wine country and enjoys discussing big ideas and current affairs. Learn more here.

Who you partner with matters.