“You want a great life, you have to ask great questions.”

Leadership Development Card Sets

Team Building:  Connection, Inclusion, & Belonging  ~100 Cards

Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Understanding Emotions  ~60 Cards

RelationshipCard Sets

Relationships Level One: Getting acquainted  ~100 Cards

Relationships Level Two: Getting to know you  ~80 Cards

Relationships Level Three: Intimacy, Romance, & Sex  ~70 Cards

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Card Project Background

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” -Plato

This project started with a passion for deep discussions, storytelling, and inquiry. Hard copy versions of these cards were made years ago and used to engage in rich discussions with friends and family as well as for use in workshops and with coaching clients.

Over the years many requests were made for sets of these cards. For now, we are making them available online.

Cheers to staying curious and building connected and healthy relationships! 

Hard copy sets may be available in the months ahead. To keep up to date on when they are available:

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